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Sedona Digitally Controlled Food Dehydrator (SD-9000)

Sedona Digitally Controlled Food Dehydrator (SD-9000)

The Sedona SD-9000 food dehydrator is a relatively new dehydrator model competing at the upper end of the consumer market. It’s made by a company called Tribest, which also makes a line of juicers and other appliances for a healthy diet.

With 9 shelves measuring about 15 x 13 inches, the Sedona SD-9000 is a large capacity dehydrator. Each tray provides about 1.4 sq ft of drying area, for a just over 12 sq ft when all 9 trays are in use.

The SD-9000 is sized and styled like a counter-top microwave. It has a hinged glass front door, and a set of digital controls that run across the front top of the unit. The glass allows you to monitor progress of food being dehydrated without actually opening the door. In addition, the fan and heater unit on the machine actually shut off temporarily when the door is opened. 

The SD-9000 is computer-controlled and the unit continually displays and monitors temperature, adjusting heat when needed. The controls include an on/off switch, a countdown timer, and a mode switch that allows you to set the fan at a slower speed to reduce noise temporarily – at night, for example.

A key benefit of the computer-controlled temperature in the Sedona is protection from over-heating. Unlike most other dehydrators, the Sedona will not allow the temperature to rise above the current setting. When the interior reaches the set temperature, the Sedona SD-9000 will "cycle" and let the temperature decrease a bit before the heating element is again engaged. For raw foods enthusiasts, this is especially important because it means that when you set the Sedona dehydrator at the recommended temperature of 118 F, you can be sure the temperature will not exceed this setting, thus protecting the activity of enzymes that are harmed at higher temperatures.

One of the most interesting aspects of the SD-9000 Sedona dehydrator is the dual-fan design. The back of the unit has both an upper and lower fan. By inserting a solid tray in the center, you can effectively reduce the capacity of the dehydrator, and its energy consumption, by half. This is useful in cases where you are drying smaller quantities of food. Setting up the unit for a smaller batch works like this:

  1. Insert the solid tray in the middle slot to divide the Sedona into two 4 tray dehydrators.
  2. Press the TRAY button to select which fan with heating coil will be active.
  3. Load the trays into the upper half of Sedona according to which fan with heating coil
  4. Dehydrate normally

With a list price of just over $400, the Sedona SD-9000 is more than $100 more than the Excalibur 3900, which is another higher-end consumer dehydrator with similar capacity. It has some compelling design features, but doesn’t yet have the proven track record of Excalibur machines.

Consumer feedback: 
Bottom line, if you've got the 100 bucks to spare, I'd pick this over the Excalibur, but only time will tell if this baby is going to prove itself.
I absolutely LOVE my Sedona Food Dehyrator. When my girls ask for candy and point to the organic dried apple rings, pear rings, pineapple chunks, and banana slices I store in the mason jars on the counter, man that's just worth it all right there.
This is a well designed machine. Quiet. I highly recommend it.
Bottom line: 

If the Sedona SD-9000 fits your budget, and if electronic controls and a refined counter-top appliance is important to you, we think this dehydrator is worthy of your consideration. It is relatively new, and doesn't have the track record of some other high-end dehydrators, but the current customer review feedback on Amazon is solidly positive (though limited).

Retail price: 
$ 410.00
Current price: 
$ 299.95
Savings %: 
Review ct: 
Key Features
Key features: 
  • Electronic digital display with digital temperature control and timer
  • Digital Timer - count down up to 99 hours or run continuous for 150 hours
  • Toggle temperature display to Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • Easy on/off switch, and a mode switch to reduce fan speed and noise
  • Quiet, energy efficient operation
  • See-through glass door
  • BPA free plastic trays and tray mesh screens
  • Dual fan design makes it possible to run smaller batches more efficiently (300 watts vs 600 watts)
  • Industry standard removable computer cable
  • DC brush-less fans protected by quality steel grid
Pros and Cons
  • Good looking, modern styling (like a microwave)
  • Easy access digitial display
  • digital temperature control
  • Count down-timer up to 99 hours
  • Ability to divide unit in half for smaller batches (300 watts vs 600 watts)
  • Glass door so you can check progress without opening unit
  • Expensive relative to other high-end dehydrators
  • Relatively new machine without a proven track record
  • A little taller than the Excalibur 3900. Check clearance for your situation
  • Because this unit has a nice look and feel, you may hestitate to locate it outside
Product details
Sedona Digitally Controlled Food Dehydrator (SD-9000)
Name short: 
Sedona SD-9000
Tray size: 
14” x 11.5”
Tray area: 
1.4 sq ft
Trays (base): 
Trays (max): 
Dry area (base): 
12.6 sq ft
Dry area (max): 
12.6 sq ft
Digital timer
Power button: 
600 Watts
Two rear-mounted fans
Air flow: 
Back to front rear-mounted fans
5 Year
BPA free plastic trays and tray mesh screens
Black & See-through glass door
17(W) x 14.6(H) x 19.7(D) inches
Temp range: 
85º - 155º F
23.4 lbs.

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