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Coconut Chunks

Bowl of concunut chunks

Dehydrated coconut makes a nice chewy, squeaky snack. If you dehydrate a little further, it becomes quite crunchy.  By making it yourself, you can avoid the bleach and preservatives that are used in commercial production.




Remove liquid from the coconut before breaking it apart.  Find a soft eye and push a screwdriver through to the center and drain liquid
Tap the seam the runs between the eyes to break apart & remove outer shell
Use a potato peeler to peell off the inner husk
Cut into 1/4 - 3/8 inch slices
Place on dehydrator trays
Dehydrate at 130° for 8 - 10 hours until dry

See WikiHow for more options on how to open a coconut.

Coconut on a scale
Step 1 - Find soft eye and push a screwdriver through to center
Step 2 - Drain liquid
Step 3 - Tap seam that runs between eyes to break apart & remove outer shell
Step 4 - Use a peeler to remove the inner husk
Step 5 - Cut into 1/4 - 3/8 inch slices
Weigh Coconut - before
Step 6 - Place on dehydrator trays
Step 7 - Remove from dehydrator trays
Weigh Coconut - after


Submitted by Fina Towler (not verified) on
I have been dehydrating coconut like this for a while now. It is so easy and is yummy. When you get coconuts for free it is a very cheap snack!! Never buying them again.

Submitted by Samwise (not verified) on
What temp do folks dehydrate this at? Time for crunchy coconut chips,?

Submitted by A. Nijhof (not verified) on
De maximum temperatuur van mijn voedseldroger is 70 graden kan ik hierin kokos drogen. Zo ja, hoe lang en op welke temperatuur?

Submitted by Fuck (not verified) on

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