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Excalibur Products, the parent company of Excalibur, was founded in 1973 and has headquarters in Sacramento, CA. They have been in business now for almost 40 year. Many people believe that Excalibur makes the best dehydrator in the country, and Excalibur dehydrators are owned by many gourmet cooks and culinary schools. Excalibur was acquired in October 2011 by The Legacy Cos., a Florida company that manufactures commercial food service equipment and retail appliances. The signature design of Excalibur food dehydrators is simple box and shelf with a rear-mounted fan that blows air horizontally across the trays. This is a proven design that provides even airflow and makes rotating trays during drying unnecessary. The trays are large and and unobstructed and, like an oven, can be removed to dry large or bulky items. Compared to circular dehydrators, which have a hole in the middle to route air, Excalibur dehydrators provide more usable space per tray. At 15" x 15", each tray provides 1.7 sq. ft. of drying area. The Excalibur dehydrator product line can be broken down as follows: 2400 - economy series dehydrator - 4 trays 2500 - economy series dehydrator - 5 trays 2900 - economy series dehydrator - 9 trays 3500 - deluxe series dehydrator - 5 trays 3900 - deluxe series dehydrator - 9 trays Models with "T" at the end (e.g. 3926T) have built-in timers. Excalibur dehydrators come with both black and white boxes, but the door itself is always black.