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Watermelon chips

Watermelon chips

Ever considered dehydrating watermelon? The result is crazy-sweet, with the consistency of taffy. Make sure you use a good tasting melon - the taste is concentrated during dehydration, but will not improve. Pick a Watermelon that's ripe. A farmer's market is a good place to locate a nice ripe melon. Supermarket melons are often picked before ripe. Look for a bit of discoloration (yellow or lighter) on the underside and tap the melon to listen for a hollow sound.




Cut the watermelon in half, then cut in half again. Slice a quarter of the melon into 1/4 - 1/2 inch-strips. Then cut off the rind portion from those slices. Place slices onto dehydrating trays. Using a Screen will help with the removal of the watermelon chips. They are quite sticky! Dehydrator at 135° F (or below 120 F if you're on a raw food diet). Dry for 8 - 16 hours. Take a watermelon on your next backpacking trip!

The Watermelon
Step 1 - Cut a melon in half
Step 2 - Slice a quarter of the melon into 1/4 - 3/8 inch-strips
Step 3 - cut off the rind portion from those slices
Step 4 - Place slices onto Dehydrating trays
Watermelon chips


Submitted by Patsy Matthew-Kachur (not verified) on
Going to try this. just bought a melon yesterday. Most usually goes to waste. ot any more.

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