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Kale Roundup - Six Recipes for Dehydrated Kale Chips

Kale Chips

In the world of dehydrators, there might be nothing as "modern" as dehydrated kale chips. Before 2010, the idea was basically unheard of, but now you run into kale chip recipes everywhere online. Part of this popularity we think comes from more interest in healthy food generally. Kale, high in beta carotene, vitamin C, vitamin K, and rich in calcium, definitely qualifies as a healthy food.  But dehydrators add another key feature that we think makes kale chips even more popular – the ability to run at the low temperatures needed to make “raw” food. 

We recently decided to try some different kale chips recipes to see what the big fuss is all about. Can kale, a relative to cabbage and broccoli, actually be made into a snack that people (and kids?) will eat voluntarily? We’re happy to report that you can make a pretty good snack out of kale. Our kids wouldn’t go out of their way to eat more kale chips, but they did give some of these recipes a solid “not terrible”.

Kale Chips with Cashews & Dried Tomatoes

Kale Chips with Cashews & Dried Tomatoes

This is a tasty kale chips recipe that makes good use of tomatoes you have previously dehydrated. The resulting kale chips have a nice tomato tang, with the satisfying nutty crunch of cashews. One of our favorite kale chips recipes.

Asian Kale Chips

Asian kale chips

This one of the more flavorful kale chip recipes we've tried. Our kids even "sort of" like it. The miso and nutritional yeast give the kale a special tang that will remind you of parmesan cheese. Make sure you take care that the kale is coated evenly – it’s easy to end up with too much seasoning.

Kale Chips with Cinnamon

Kale Chips with cinnamon

An interesting kale chips recipe that is sweet instead of salty. The mild taste of cinnamon and sugar remind us of something that might be served around the holidays.  This recipe contains no oil, so the kale chips become very crisp and have a paler color.

Kale Chips with garlic and cashews

Kale Chips with garlic and cashews

A slightly more advanced kale chip recipe with a nutty crunch. Good flavor with the added nutritional benefit of cashews, red pepper, and nutritional yeast.

Kale Chips with sea salt & smoked paprika

Kale Chips with sea salt & smoked paprika

A basic kale chips recipe that will satisfy your craving for a salty, healthy snack. Quick and easy to make.

Kale Chips with Tahini

Kale Chips with Tahini

This is a good basic kale chips recipe. The taste is subtle but satisfying.


Submitted by Kent Walker (not verified) on

This is useless!! No links to the recipes??

Submitted by Lynda (not verified) on

Try clicking on the titles. I was able to access recipes by doing that.

Submitted by lisa on
Kent- Thanks for pointing that out. We forgot to add the links! All the Titles are now links.

Submitted by Sandi Pink (not verified) on

I just tried these while visiting a friend. My son and I loved them. He is an aspiring snow boarded and this is an awesome snack for him!!

Submitted by Anita Summers (not verified) on

I love these recipes, but since kale can be purchased in various forms and amounts, these great ideas are totally useless since I have no idea what amount of kale to use for each. (Unless I'm missing that this info is on this website somewhere, but then not in an obvious place??)

Submitted by lisa on
Anita - thanks, that's a great point! I need to add something about Kale quantity to the recipes. In each case, I used either one large bunch of kale, or two small bunches. In the end, your personal preference for seasoning is the best guide (like salad dressing).

Submitted by Jane (not verified) on

I grow kale in my garden and pick the outer leaves from many plants, letting the younger leaves continue to grow. I estimated I picked 2 large bunches, but how can I know? It would be a big help if you would give an approximate weight (either before or after removing stems, but please specify!).

Submitted by Cat (not verified) on

another possible idea is with olive oil, chili powder, nutritional yeast and braggs liquid aminos..

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

Love this - thanks so much!

Submitted by loopy (not verified) on

Why are people so harsh? The information on this page is not useless. Can't people just ask nicely for help, like some others exemplify? Let's practice being kind. Kale won't help your health if your attitude stinks. Thanks for the seasoning ideas.

Submitted by Vicki (not verified) on

I'm excited to try the Asian Kale Chips!! I've made kale chips in the oven, then just remember "I HAVE A DEHYDRATOR" that I never use. Hahaha!! Cat's recipe sounds yummy too! Thanks for making these recipes available. Have a blessed day :)

Submitted by lisa on
Kale chips are super easy to make. Give them a try and let us know how it goes. Lisa

Submitted by Grandma Babs (not verified) on

I have a pretty high-powered dehydrator, and I love it. I do have some challenges with things like fragile veggies. I did kale with a little garlic-infused olive oil, Bragg's and some nutritional yeast flakes. I just sampled one, after about 2 hours at 120F, and the taste is wonderful, but they will need more time. maybe even 6 hours to be crispy. Are they supposed to be crispy??

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